Frequently asked questions

How do I choose my four charms?

Click on the HOME button and click on either the 'One month' heart or the 'Three months' heart. Write your four choices in the box and click the 'submit' button. Then you'll be taken to the payment page and you'll get an email confirming your choices within 24 hours. Simples.

What is in my Charm Club Box?

1: Your four charm choices
2: A piece of silver plated chain to make a necklace (or two bracelets)
3: 8 Jump rings and a silver plated clasp
4: Two earring hooks (Just order two of the same charm in your choices)

All for just £8 or £20 for three months!

Delivery information

The next Charm Club box posting date is 31st October, 2nd Class, UK only. Your glittery box is placed in an envelope and will fit into an average sized letterbox. You will receive your box by 4th November.

Price includes UK postage and gift box and silver plated chain, necklace clasp and jump rings, and a pair of earring hooks!
The November posting date will be 30th November.
The December posting date will be 30th December.

What will be in the November and December Charm Club Boxes?

There will be a new Charm of the Month, and lots of new charms added. But they will be a surprise! I do new designs every month, so November will probably have a snowflake, glittery feel to some of the new charms. That's all I'm saying! (Don't forget, every box will have chain, clasp, jump rings, earring hooks and instruction booklet for you to create your own unique design.)

Who designs and makes the charms?

Elizabeth Joseph (me!) lives in London and has been designing jewellery for over 6 years, supplying independent fashion boutiques in London. I run workshops and create bespoke items for special occasions. I like to wear statement jewellery and like to express my individuality and I'm trying to spread the word through The Charm Club...

What are the materials used in the charms, and what is their size?

Laser cut acrylic and laser cut plywood. Each charm is between 2.5 and 3.5 cm in height, depending on the design.

Delivery: Why do I have to wait until October 31st for you to post my Charm Club Box?

I design and make all the charms myself in batches, all the lasercuting is done at the same time in order to keep costs down. Otherwise the cost of Charm Club would be doubled (and we don't want that!).

Can I order four of the same charm?

Yes, just write your choice four times (Holographic heart, Holographic heart, Holographic heart... you get the picture.)

I'd like more than four charms, can I order more than four?

Yes, you can order 10 charms at once. The cost for 10 charms is £16.
Please click HERE

What age group is Charm Club for?

Anyone from age 10 to 110 can join Charm Club!

If I change my mind can I return my Charm Club Box?

I am sure you will love your Charm Club Boxes! But if you would like to return it, please email me:

(For hygiene reasons, earring hooks cannot be returned). So please choose carefully before ordering and and contact me if you have any queries before placing an order.