Elizabeth Joseph

I take around three weeks to make each Heritage Jewellery Box.

How to own your own inspiring Heritage Jewellery Box...

Firstly think about the colour of the space and I will colour or contrast match the box. I can also design a white or pastel coloured varnished box which will suit any space. Then think about the people that really inspire you. I will create miniature embellished portraits and pendants based on your choices.

Collect any jewellery or small objects that mean something to you, or I can source the items for you, and show you a selection of the vintage jewellery and antique beads I have in my own collection.

I bejewel and box other fashion items such as bags and pieces of clothing. Contact me at:

To start a conversation. Your piece will be a beautiful, constant source of inspiration for your space.

My Heritage Jewellery Boxes can be displayed in versatile spaces: