Elizabeth Joseph

'Inspire Me': 'Heritage' Bespoke Jewellery in a Mirrored Box

Handmade, customised jewellery artworks, made to order.

This Necklace is entitled "Inspire Me" and can be removed from the box and worn. The Necklace includes handmade miniature portraits of inspirational Black Women: Poet and Author Maya Angelou, Underground Railroad Heroine Harriet Tubman, Mary Seacole, Dido Elizabeth Belle - the daughter of an African slave raised in the UK at Kenwood House, and the Black rights activist Angela Davies. I use antique beads in all my work, this Necklace includes moulded glass Czech beads (1940s) and early 20th Century Millefiori Venetian beads. The necklace base is made from laser cut acrylic and embellished with faux pearls, and vintage brooches. Hung on a chunky goldtone chain and s-hook.

The handmade wooden box is painted with dark fuchsia paint, varnished, with a glass hinged front that opens to remove the Necklace. The inside of the box is lined with mirrored perspex and holographic effects.

Dimensions: H: 36cm W: 34cm D: 22cm. Detail photos below:

Copies of your own photos, and your own pieces of jewellery can be used to create a bespoke Heritage Jewellery Box for you.
Custom sizes to suit your mantlepiece or wall are available. Painted and varnished to suit your colour scheme. A necklace, bracelet, bag or piece of clothing can be used in my works.

'Inspire Me' Box Price (UK only):


To purchase this Heritage Box or make an enquiry, please contact Elizabeth.

I take around three weeks to make each Heritage Jewellery Box.

How to own your own inspiring Heritage Jewellery Box...

Firstly think about the colour of the space and I will colour or contrast match the box. I can also design a white or pastel coloured varnished box which will suit any space. Then think about the people that really inspire you. I will create miniature embellished portraits and pendants based on your choices.

Collect any jewellery or small objects that mean something to you, or I can source the items for you, and show you a selection of the vintage jewellery and antique beads I have in my own collection.

I bejewel and box other fashion items such as bags and pieces of clothing. Contact me at:

To start a conversation. Your piece will be a beautiful, constant source of inspiration for your space.

My Heritage Jewellery Boxes can be displayed in versatile spaces: