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Bacchus and Ariadne Necklace making Workshop

A conversation starting Statement Necklace based on the Renaissance Painting 'Bacchus and Ariadne' by Titian.

Background to the painting: Ariadne turns towards her lover who sails away in the distance and has deserted her on the island of Naxos. But her soul is distracted by Bacchus, god of Wine, and she is caught up between a broken heart (the past) and the prospect of a new love in Bacchus (the future).

Bacchus instantly falls in love with Ariadne and tries to convince her that if she will marry him, her wedding present will be that when she dies he will turn her wedding crown into the Corona Borealis. This constellation in the sky will symbolise their union forever.

The motifs in the Necklace are, from left to right: Ariadne in gold with mirror gold sash, mirror silver wine goblet, cheetah with rhinestones which symbolises speed, gold puppy depicting innocence and play, and silver Bacchus wearing cloak in mirror silver.

Make your own statement Necklace at one of Elizabeth Joseph's latest laser cut Accessories Workshops. Taking place in the new Art Gallery and Studio Space in East Finchley: Offshoot Gallery.

Elizabeth's latest Workshops are based on a selection of Renaissance paintings that hang in the National Gallery London. She has been designing and running her laser cut Workshops for 5 years for private events, and also with clients including Soho House, Co-living and events space The Collective and the new Private Members Club for women only: The Wing London.

She gives a feminist spin on the characters in this passionate tale... lifting Ariadne's gaze above Bacchus in this Necklace to symbolise her new vantage point, from where she can choose her own path.

Each of you will have your own prepared instruction sheet, tools and materials, where Elizabeth will show you how to make your piece. You will use jewellery pliers and jump rings to attach your chain and clasp and link your pieces together. You will then add rhinestones to the cheetah and colour to the hair of Bacchus and Ariadne.

As you make your Necklace, Baroque Music and a recording of the mini-epic poem 'Catullus 64' that depicts the moment captured in the painting will be played, to lift us out of the everyday and into the world of Bacchus and Ariadne.

Materials: Laser cut acrylic, rhinestones, silver plated chain and clasp. Length of Necklace: 35cm from top of Ariadne's head to foot of the cheetah.

Tickets are £37 per person and include all tools and materials for your Necklace and a ribbon tied gift box.

Places are limited. Red wine and red velvet cupcakes will be served.

Top photo: 'Bacchus and Ariadne' Oil Painting by Titian (1522-1523). In the permanent collection in the National Gallery London.

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